News Now-a-Days

I follow a lot of news accounts on Twitter, and I’ve noticed that sometimes they have a hard time condensing headlines to 140 characters. Sometimes, I think they just want to get your attention. And sometimes, I think there is no other way to word it. Here are some of the ones I thought were worth repeating, or that made me go “Wut”.

Trail of ‘unique’ coins leads police to suspect in Hamilton bakery theft.

Treasure hunt set up for girlfriend prompts bomb squad response in Utah.

Ryerson president, engineering students meet today to discuss event where half-naked students crawled through slush.

Jury to consider fate of accused in snow plow murder.

U.S. boy killed by falling airport sign.

Mom charged with impaired driving after arriving at police station to pick up son who was arrested for drunk driving.

NYC man has heart attack on second day of freedom after murder conviction tossed.

Youths pepper spray variety store owner, steal smokes.

Lululemon vows transparency over see-though pants.

Thieves illegally tapping maple trees on private property in Maine, stealing sap used to make maple syrup.

Michigan police officer investigating suspicious car surprised as deer climbs out of trunk, runs into woods.

Ontario’s Wynne in a ‘local’ food fight with feds

Prince Philip’s love affair with Canada

Leafs fan takes aim at CN Tower goal light

RCMP investigation known as ‘Project Smooth’

2 accused men were arrested today

Toronto family wants to know why their van caught fire

Family says missing Toronto man has died.

Sigourney Weaver plays aging, conceited film star on Broadway

Eighty-year-old woman accidentally swallows $5,000 diamond at charity event in Florida

Man shot in hand in city’s northwest end

Zoo workers could be locked out at midnight

Ontario cop accused in cheese-smuggling operation charged

German authorities say Bieber’s monkey is staying put

Police seek suspect in theft of rare bottle of scotch

k.d. lang tells Canadians it’s OK to be you

California woman yelled ‘You deserve it!’ before severing estranged husband’s penis, prosecutor tells court.


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