Review: American Elsewhere

American Elsewhere
American Elsewhere by Robert Jackson Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Small towns can be so creepy, so exclusive, tight knit, and secretive. For outsiders like Mona Bright, they can be pretty unwelcoming. But like any good mystery, Mona finds herself getting sucked into the weirdness and soon finds out some of the creepy and unusual things happening in town.

I was expecting a small town with demons and monsters hiding in among the town residents, but I was only half right. I love the idea of a horror story where the horror is happening everyday, just under the radar, because that is scarier than some apocalyptic event. It came close with some creepy stuff, but wasn’t as developed as I’d have liked. However, I think that there was so much to the plot that adding in too much detail would’ve made it a tedious read.

It was a good read, but it could’ve been better. Could’ve been scarier, though maybe I’m just a bit desensitized from my zombie books/movies. As a mystery, it is great. I don’t think I have any left over questions, which is awesome, because that’s always frustrating. There was good continuity and although it was somewhat predictable, it was clear the author had thought about and planned the plot.

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