Millennials are the WORST: Maybe This Isn’t The End Of The World

The best way to loose faith in humanity and society is to read the comments.

I have a very varied group of people on my facebook. From science nerds, radio casters, music producers, rednecks, old bitties, people who support equal rights for everyone, people who want me to believe Obama was the worst president the US has ever had, activists, haters, arrogant asshats, gentle souls, and independent ladies. Funny enough, I only add people I actually know or knew.

I don’t post much, except to share occasional articles on archaeology or express my dislike for a certain PM who I’m actually worried about naming because of a stupid bill he made. HOWEVER I am on there all the time. LIKE ALL THE TIME. With such a diverse group, I get all sides of the big arguments. Gay marriage. Millennials are the “Worst” (Ahem). Hypocrisy in the Church and government. Native neglect. I could go on.

I often read the comments on these things that get shared. I don’t know why. I know what I’ll see and I know it will depress me in the extreme. Gay marriage for today’s example. I see Christians arguing over who is a REAL christian, and how can you be a REAL christian if you take this side or that side. Doesn’t matter which side, because both sides use the argument. I think they all forgot that there are a lot of different sects of Christianity. I see Atheists jump in and ruin their point by making some rude comment about faith. I’m not Christian. I’m not an atheist. I guess if I needed a label it would be agnostic, because I don’t know.

What I do know however is that you should be kind. And if someone`s life choices aren’t hurting anyone, then it`s not my concern. That is what it should all boil down to. Always. REALLY ask yourself. Is that gay marriage hurting me? I’ve seen some arguments that it devalues the meaning of their own marriage. It really doesn’t, because what you are arguing is semantics. Christianity does not own the concept of marriage. It predates Christianity. If we just changed the word for marriage to something else, to create a differentiation between Christian Marriage and other marriage, a lot of people would stop throwing fits I think. It wouldn’t solve it all, but a lot.

By denying gay couples marriage, you deny them fair rights to government benefits in things like taxes. While Gay Christian couples would probably still want their marriage recognized by their faith, that would be an issue within the church. The issue out here is civic. They are HUMAN rights, not Christian Rights (as an example). It is hard to fully articulate the thought, but its such an obvious one to me that I’m sure I’m not the first it has occurred to. Either way, it doesn’t hurt anyone, so it shouldn’t be such a problem.

And yet, the comments I read are disgusting. Not just on the topic of Gay Marriage either. The comments grown, mature adults make, generalizing a large age grouping, are rude, inconsiderate, degrading, and JUST AS BAD as what I read in Gay Marriage arguments.

I’m not sure how I, a 27 year old with a B.A honours and a Post Grad degree, who is working 2 minimum wage jobs and struggling to support myself, while cursing the minimum wage for going up AGAIN because it ruins all chances of raises at work, and just raises costs of everything else, with a giant OSAP loan and no chance to buy a car, let alone a house, can be lumped in with 16 year old high school students who really don’t need to worry about things yet, and have the time to hang out, take selfies, and enjoy their youth like they are supposed to do. We are very different people.

All it takes is one bad apple, and the elder generations jump on all of us. We are lazy, self entitled, stay at home lounge-abouts. Did I mention I have 2 jobs? I know a lot of people my age with 2 jobs. It makes me wonder just how accurate job statistics are. So 100,000 new jobs in the month of whatever…. how many were taken as second or THIRD jobs by people who were already working? The fact that I can work 2 jobs and still not make enough that the National Student Loan people assume I’m too poor to give them their money, and the government pays my interest, is a ridiculous situation.

I repeat: The government that wants my money, will not take it, because I AM TOO POOR EVEN WORKING TWO JOBS.

I must be so lazy. How dare I expect to support myself. How dare I rely on family because I can’t. Millennials are the worst.

I got to thinking on this because it is utterly untrue. Yesterday, for a change, when I read the comments I felt hope.

Call Me Caitlyn. Can you believe it? Formally Bruce Jenner of the Kardashian Empire. Kim K and her sisters get a LOT of hate. Which is normal I guess, for celebrities. It’s the natural state of hate that appears in the comments almost everywhere. Except, not on this.

Now I didn’t click on any articles like the TO star and read the comments. I’m sure there was hate there too. But that’s also the arena of the older generations. The place where they tend to express their disgust with people like me. I got all I needed from Twitter. From reading the replies. From the Hashtags. From the Trending. From the wave of hate that unsuspecting Drake Bell received. Twitter, for better or worse, is the medium the despicable Millennials (like me) use for their news and their connections to the world around them.

On the whole, even the folks that kinda hate Kim K and her family, showed overwhelming support for Caitlyn. So accepting. So okay with it. So understanding of the whole concept that if it isn’t hurting anyone, it isn’t your concern. When Drake Bell made his stupid comment, he got hate. Because he tried to deny someone their identity, when it wasn’t hurting him. He proved himself to be a bit of a bigot, and the MILLENNIALS jumped on him for it. They made it clear that bigotry is not okay anymore. It exists certainly, but I have this new feeling. A hope that MY generation, including these silly high school kids who are rightly or wrongly fighting over school dress codes, will teach their own children that bigotry in any form is not okay. Because it hurts people.

And that their children will teach the same.

And that one day all the bigots will be flushed out of society. Died of old age and old ways.

For once, I am proud to lump myself in with the Millennials.


So tired, so sleepy

I’m currently working full time hours at one of my jobs, even though I’m still part time. Just until someone comes back from their vacation. It sure would be swell if it was permanent so I could quit working two jobs and just do one.

Been watching a LOT of Ghost Adventures. I like it. Ooooh.

Some good stuff.

Tonight though, I’m Just super tired. I forgot both my breakfast and my snack at home, so all I had to eat all day was a microwave lean cuisine dinner. I got a huge slice of pizza on the way home, only to find home made pizza leftover from my family’s dinner. I ate it all. There was so much cheese on the one I brought, it was incredible.

Basically, I’m blogging this because I doodled a picture, and wanted to post it, but not on my normal social media accounts. So tah dahhhhhh:


Sunshine makes life better

I wrote about my migraines previously, so I thought I would give a bit of an update, as things are a bit better.

An acquaintance I have on Facebook posted about a magnetic necklace helping her migraines, so I gave it a shot. It really did seem to help. It might also have been in part that I have been able to get out and exercise in the fresh air. I’ve also been paying attention to my riboflavin in-take. I had been doing that by drinking the Carnation Instant breakfast drinks which have a ton, but stopped when I moved into the current house because there was no room in the fridge for my skim milk in a house full of lactose digest-ers. There is now room, and my pee is a consistent shade of highlighter like it should be (according to the doctor, I’d know If I forgot my riboflavin this way haha). I’ve taken off the necklace because I got tired of feeling like I was collared, but still wear it often, especially if the weather is unstable.

I think in many ways its the sun that is helping. It has elevated my mood, helped clear up my skin, and probably done some other things I haven’t noticed. I still get weather migraines, and the thunderstorms are annoyingly frequent and changing, but they are expected. I’ve also been eating more of what I choose instead of what is made for dinner for the family, since I’m often at work around dinner time.

As for stress, I have been hanging out in my bedroom reading for about a month. I have great lighting in here (as any migraine sufferer would ensure) and a good temperature. I think this has helped me forget room mate/house stress and let me get back to doing what I want to do when I want to do it. I just wish my TV was in here.

In other news, I will be going to Alaska in a couple weeks for an archaeological dig. This is great because it is relevant to my degree/career aspirations, I will get lots more exercise (I’m still not getting enough according to the bathroom scale), and get a break from my life here to make some friends.

There was a blip in that the program lost funding and so was shortened, and I had to deal with changing flights, but I decided to use the new time off to visit my mom in Arkansas for a couple weeks before coming home. All in all its pretty expensive even though all I’m paying is airfare. They’re going to try to cover the fee for the change, but I have a bad feeling I won’t be getting a receipt like I asked for. I will make it work though, even if I’m not reimbursed  for the fee.

I had a horrible feeling last week that something bad was going to happen, and in less than a couple days, my cousin and ride to the airport broke her foot (was the left though), my aunt was in a collision with that cousin’s car, my mom’s cat died, and I found out about the funding loss. Surprisingly I felt pretty good though. I guess it just feels wrong when things go too easily. However, now that it is all under control again, The bad feeling is back. My cousin can still drive (its just a fracture and she has a below-the-knee cast on her non-driving foot, her insurance covers a rental (in case her car isn’t fixed in time), My aunt is okay just feeling guilty/upset, my mother is happy I’m coming, and the cost of all the changes amounts to two separate trips (one to Alaska, and one to Arkansas) so the cost isn’t unreasonable. While it sucks to use so much of my savings, I’ve realized I won’t be able to afford a car and rent, so I will have to choose which I’m going to want in the future, so I see no reason not to use my current savings sparingly to make my life happier.


And after all that bad luck, I bought a scratch ticket and won $15. I would have liked more, but I’ll take what I can get haha.



PS. RE: comments on the last post about my migraines – Because I was writing while having a migraine, I did leave out some details that were asked about. I do try to still use the homeopathic remedies, but in more convenient ways (like in vitamin enriched drinks). I have spoken to doctor’s about prescriptions, but we decided that they were not the best way to go for me due to cost and lack of significant benefits over regular pain relievers, having tried amerge and finding it left me with everything but the pain and still required advil. The biggest factors are stress and weather, neither of which can be stopped. The sunlight and good things going on this summer, as well as the reduced migraines, have over all improved my outlook as well.